Cristina Cardini


1. Bodysuit, Bande à Part Body, Bande à Part

2. Bodysuit, Bande à Part Body, Bande à Part

3. Bodysuit, Bande à Part Body, Bande à Part

4. Back seamed stockings, Les Coquetteries Bas couture, Les Coquetteries

5. Bodysuit, Bande à Part Body, Bande à Part

6. Back seamed stockings, Les Coquetteries Bas couture, Les Coquetteries

Cristina Cardini, a cinematographic photogeny.

I’m Cristina, a 40 years old italian woman living in the tuscany countryside nearby Pisa. I’m a medical biotechnologist and my research is focused on molecular mechanisms and clinical features of asthma and airway diseases. Behind the choice of this career path is an ongoing sense of curiosity that permeates my daily life and induces me to explore the world (the intimate world also..) I usually travell a lot not only as a project manager for the Severe Asthma Network Italy but also as a passionate photographer: I love shooting myself (most of my shoots are self-portraits) expecially in high heels and lingerie.. Indeed the IG gallery is a proof of this personal mania and my passion for the combination travel+fashion! I’m a fashion lover and a real shoeaholic: gravity-defying stilettos are my best friends as well as stockings.. I can't describe how amazing legs look in them and communicate authority in the workplace or eroticism in the bedroom but, most of all, lingerie represents the best way to assert myself disclosing my genuine face and my erotic charge and allowing me to feel free by social constraints and expectations.

Really, this is the cause closer to my heart: women's right to freedom of expression... freedom in gesture and in speech opposing etiquettes and anachronistic forms of bigotry, breaking the traditional codes on which the glass ceiling is based, enjoyng intimacy and carrying out hidden desires and forbidden thoughts. Don’t forget that lingerie can be “sexual” but that doesn’t mean it’s singularly about sex in the same way of red lipstick, an emblem of femininity, sensuality and seduction whose use in ancient Greece was intended exclusively for women who practiced prostitution and whose origin seems to be related to the ability to emulate in the male imagination the typical redness and swelling of the labia during the sexual act; nevertheless the red lipstick has been a symbol of the "suffragettes"! I've always been fascinated by these kinds of struggles and antithetical images… not by chance I adore Maison Close collections characterized by stunning contrasts between refinement and boldness, sacred affection and rebellion, excess and old-fashioned charm, mental pleasure and sensual desire, provocative transparency and romance lace that reveal my inner state of mind as well as my body! Thank MC for making me feel so free to be myself!

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