Avr. 2018


For a mischievous and sensual summer…

For a mischievous and sensual summer... Let Maison Close’s new collections shed a new sparkle on the upcoming season.
It is because I find myself always stunned, seduced, sometimes overwhelmed, in front of women and their elegance, that I decided to create those three singular, yet complementary collections.
As a hommage to the playful, seductive and provocative Muse, I’ve imagined for this season a thousand of games with transparency and lace.From the daily Antichambre to the nightly Liaison Fatale, each lingerie piece finds it’s matching ready-to-wear piece : dress, body, skirt and teddy...
As many collections to reconcile opposites but also to seduce the most shy muses. Always more cheeky, from the accessories line, Le Petit Secret is brought to you in a unique form : a book.

Monsieur le Français.


Mar. 2018

Women, muse is source of each of my collections…

The woman, the muse, is the source of each of my collections. I draw, and everything turns into shape.
I’ll just have to take my camera in order to make up my collection’s universe. Photography is a passion, a calling , that drives each of my creations.
Helmut Newton, Hans Feurer, Richard Avedon : those are defiant men with an unique signature, they are trendsetters and pionneers...and sometimes can even be, for some of us, teachers.
That is why in this new issue, I’ve chosen to pay tribute to the ones that stand behind the camera...
They are called Ernesto Gonzalez, David Bellemere, Ellen Von Unwerth. Each of these artists offers an one-of-a-kind approach of the world, of Women, and upon Maison Close.
All you have to do now is to meet them, throughout these pages. 

Monsieur le Français.
Monsieur le Français


Fev. 2018

La Directrice

Lingerie is not a constraint...

Seduction brand, avant-garde label: Maison Close is, first and foremost, a prism through which my creative vision expresses itself. Since always, it has been enlightened by the desire to offer women contemporary boudoir lingerie.
In this philosophy, lingerie is not meant to be a constraint: it is worn proudly, and is an integral part of style. An intimate frame that you choose to reveal, subtly, or boldly though exquisite dessus-dessous.
Contrasts, accessories, “chic” items and “choc” details, each fabric and style is a commitment, offering each woman a key to embrace her own vision of femininity.
Audacious and coquette, La Directrice falls within the line of timeless Maison Close collections, and with sets as insolent as they are refined, elevates lingerie to a lifestyle.

Monsieur le Français.


Janv. 2018


2018: I wish you to never stop dreaming…

A new year has begun.

To express all my wishes, I’ve borrowed those timeless words from Jacques Brel, 50 years later:
“I wish you to never stop dreaming and to keep a furious desire to make some of them come true. I wish you to love what needs to be loved and to forget what needs to be forgotten. I wish you passions, I wish you silences. I wish you to wake up with birdsongs and the sound of laughter. I wish you to resist to stagnation, indifference and to the negatives vibes of our times Above all I wish you to be you."
Monsieur le Français.




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