Henina Madara


1. Bra, Inspiration Divine Soutien-gorge, Inspiration Divine

2. Bodysuit, Madame Rêve Body foulard, Madame Rêve

3. Bra, Accroche Coeur Soutien-gorge, Accroche Coeur

4. Bra and Thong, Corps à Corps Soutien-gorge et String, Corps à Corps

5. Thong, Corps à Corps String, Corps à Corps

6. Bra and Panty, Inspiration Divine Soutien-gorge et Culotte, Inspiration Divine

Henina Madara has the power of enthralling every soul.

I’m a 27 years old Latvian living in Riga, the capital of Latvia. I like to think that my full time job is an artist, including content creation for lingerie. Besides modeling, I’m the owner of Explicit Design (@e_x_p_l_i_c_i_t), my brand focuses on minimalistic, sexy, feminine artwork. I’m really thankful that my work is my biggest hobby, therefore it is what I always prefer to do, but of course I still have to enjoy life outside business.

When I’m not working, bicycling or having a meal in a restaurant, one of my favourite activities is exploring new countries. My very first memory of Maison Close was the “WOW” when I first lingerie set I owned. And now, after a long time and many sets, Maison Close is still my number one brand I recommend for the best quality.

Follow Henina Madara on Instagram : @heninamadara

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