1/4 cup bras


1/4-cup bra

The 1/4-cup bra is a low-coverage style you can have some fun with, while the underwiring keeps you supported. It often looks like the better-known demi-cup bra.

What's the difference between a 1/4-cup bra and a cut-out bra?

We have different kinds of 1/4-cup bras on our website, some with more coverage than others. Some of our 1/4-cup styles are almost like cut-out bras as they have minimum coverage and give the wearer an undressed dressed look. The difference is that the 1/4-cup bra provides more support than a cut-out style. It also has a push-up effect thanks to the subtle fine foam under the chest. This makes the 1/4-cup bra better for larger busts and women worried about sagging. With this style, even more of you can feel sexy and comfortable in your bodies, while keeping things subtle.

Which 1/4-cup styles do you have?

We have three different styles. First, the revealing 1/4-cup that looks almost like a cut-out bra. Second, the higher-coverage 1/4-cup that looks more like a demi-cup but is more suggestive. This style often comes with slightly padded cups for a flattering look. Third, we have our own unique style: the openable 1/4-cup bra. This has a subtle opening at the front with two gold buttons allowing you to reveal your assets whenever you like.

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