Maison Close jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is becoming increasingly trendy and a new favourite amongst the stars. It is set to be the lingerie piece of the decade. Very comfortable and sexy at the same time, it is undeniably fashionable and harks back to some 80's extravagance. The catsuit is part of our DNA here at Maison Close and underlines our creative freedom.

History of the catsuit

The name refers to the feline look of the catsuit. Initially made of leather or latex, the catsuit is now often made of elastane fabric, which is why it fits your body like a glove to showcase your delicious assets. The catsuit shape is also often used in sports. The close cut to the body is ideal for high level sports such as swimming or gymnastics. The catsuit appeals as both fashion icon and utilitarian garment.

How to wear a jumpsuit?

Like the thong bodysuit, the jumpsuit can be worn by itself or layered and depending on the style, the catsuit will look casual or sexy. It is versatile and can be worn day or night. This all-in-one hugs your curves to give a modern catwoman look.

For a more understated look, wear it with thigh-high boots and a long blazer to soften the suit's sexy side. Combined with trainers and a wool jumper the catsuit will be perfect for a relaxed look, providing comfort and style with a sporty look. As it hugs the body, your catsuit can also be combined with your timeless oversized coat and will help you bear the cold winter months with style.

The jumpsuit embodies a daring vision of the silhouette, it comes in multiple styles, from the most discreet to the most audacious, sequins, prints, short or long sleeve necklines, it is designed for all women and for all tastes.

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