Le Vestiaire


Rather than following an evanescent trend that momentarily dazzles, Maison Close stitches timeless pieces that are destined to become essentials. These essentials are emblematic pieces that pay homage to the lingerie that built the brand’s renown.

The materials, often devoted to garnishing undergarments, now awaken the senses in broad daylight. Through these threads, sometimes as fine as lace or silk, a distinct strength emerges, that of the French woman whose elegance and character fascinate – affirmed in her femininity, full of sangfroid in her liberty of tone and delivery. A style rendered all the more subtle through its play with duality, maintaining forms of a certain sensuality.

At times with tightly structured lines, at others with utmost fluidity, it emanates from ravishing, suggestive cuts and eroticism that invites in each transparency, or flirts behind each opacity. Prêt-à-porter that is also inspired by masculine dress and indulges in the luxury of a few iconic pieces such as the tank top and the tuxedo. With finishings as precise as they are refined, Maison Close captures a fundamental allure outlined by meticulous fabrication.

The fruit of a collaboration with European workshops that have retained true hand skills, this first collection’s game of light and openness gives each element a second level of reading. Bare backs and indentations attest to what Maison Close is celebrated for, while garter belt attachments discreetly accessorize jackets and shirts – a clever fashion for pulling the thread and way of an already well-established DNA.

Drawing on its trademark brazenness and the audacity of a few ornaments that demonstrate unconventional artistry, Maison Close’s ready-to- wear line plays on conventions and codes with newfound sensibility.

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