Inspiration Divine

It suffices to reminisce over Italian origins yet concealed, for the Madonna’s magnetic figure to be revealed. Under a baroque lace that is most accomplished, under the delicacy of plumetis, the will to uplift can be sensed; a touch of grace, clear and certain, that could only be born from a Divine Inspiration. This collection is imbued with equal parts melancholy and transcendence to reach ennobling elegance.

Inspiration Divine ensures provoking an intense reaction that eludes us. In addition to the braids underlining a providential beauty, it is through an attachment in the shape of a golden cross that the spiritual is linked to the body – like the symbol of an eternal feeling. "La mia unica preghiera è che ricordiamo che l’amore è eterno".

"The desire to spellbind is revealed beneath the most exquisitely crafted baroque lace paired with a sophisticated Swiss dot motif."

"La mia unica preghiera è che ricordiamo che l’amore è eterno."

Collection:  Inspiration Divine


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