Panties & Shortys


Panties & Shorties

Maison Close offers a range of panties that for any occasion. This particular undergarment has been around for decades without change and is beloved my women of all ages. The classic shape and comfort of panties allow them to adapt to a woman's body at all stages of her life.

How to choose the right panties?

Open panties, high-waisted panties or even shorty panties, so much choice and it can feel overwhelming picking the right ones. A pair of panties must first and foremost fit your body, but they must also be adapted to your use, because depending on what you want them for, you may want different materials.

Who are high-waisted panties for?

High waist panties have evolved over the years and now come in many different shapes and sizes. Some high waist panties cover the bellybutton while others are bit shyer and stop just below it.

High waist panties are perfect for everyday use because they provide unbeaten support and comfort. However, being comfortable doesn't mean you can't be sexy, high-waisted panties will also highlight your curves and show them off. The advantage of high-waisted panties is that they can be adapted to almost all body types, their shapewear effect hugs the waist and creates a smooth silhouette. High waist panties are popular amongst those who don’t have a flat stomach and disliked by those who want to hide pronounced hips.

Which panties suit your body type?

If you want to slim your figure, a low-cut panty is the most suitable shape, as it doesn’t hug the curves of the thighs and it will lengthen the legs.

High waist panties are ideal for women who want to hide certain curves, especially around the stomach.

The open panty is the most daring option. It subtly enhances the curve of your buttocks and makes them feel light.

And to finish on that note, the shorty is a lingerie must-have. It often comes with an elastic waistband that provides maximum comfort.

When should I wear open panties?

They exquisitely reveal the top of your buttocks and the openwork draws the eye. Open panties are quintessentially feminine and are ideal for sensual moments. Your partner won’t be able to look away from this unique piece. Our open panties come in many different styles from the most minimalist to the most daring. Open panties are part of our DNA and give our lingerie collection some creative freedom.

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