Harness & Nipple covers - Jeux Magnétiques - TU

Harness & Nipple covers - Jeux Magnétiques - TU

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The harness from Le Petit Secret Jeux Magnétiques collection is the Muse's ultimate accessory!

This sexy underwear is a suggestive piece and dresses nudity with a minimalist and bold style.

On the front, a golden button offers a magnetic, original and fast opening, as an invitation to saucy, erotic games.

Stretchy and adjustable, this underwear adjusts easily to the silhouette, for a light and comfortable wearing.

And for more fantasy, two black nipple covers come with the harness.

Le Petit Secret is the collection of the indecent whisper: resolutely suggestive and maddeningly subtle.

Technical features:

  • Reference: 608628
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Crotch opening
  • Two black nipple vovers
  • Unique size
  • Delivered in its gift box
A routine patron of audacity since 2006, Maison Close traces its creative freedom in the intimate universes it likes to encapsulate.
Harness & Nipple covers - Jeux Magnétiques - TU