Kristina Vychuzhyna


1. Dress, Pure Tentation Robe, Pure Tentation

2. High cut thong, Pure Tentation String échancré, Pure Tentation

3. Bodysuit, Pure Tentation Body, Pure Tentation

4. Triangle bra, Pure Tentation Soutien-gorge triangle, Pure Tentation

5. Dress, Pure Tentation Robe, Pure Tentation

6. Bodysuit, Pure Tentation Body, Pure Tentation

30 y.o. Kiev born , Ukrainian Kiev city heart living Own my studio and women prêt à porter brand. Specializing in creating feather jackets and feather prêt à couture dresses , working with different kind of exotic feathers bespoke. Also providing our clients with wide range of feather colors bespoke. Planning my brand to be represented in the showroom of Paris. My fav activities gym , every morning stadium run , tennis , styling / directing shoots process.

Creating my feather pieces definitely takes the part of my soul. Maison Close - the brand which any woman can find a suitable piece in no doubt. From casual top quality sets to Prince Charming nights exquisite jaw-dropping stuff. Maison Close represents confidence, strength, recklessness, feminine grace actually elegantly combined with dazzling raw energy.

Follow Kristina Vychuzhyna on Instagram: @krissvych

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