Latex Stockings - Les Fétiches - Red

Latex Stockings - Les Fétiches - Red

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Maison Close is reinventing Latex, the icon of desire and glamour. A subversive material which offers new stylistic legitimacy.

Latex stockings from the LES FETICHES collection. Very delicate natural material. Optimal shine after application of Perfect Shine gel (sold separately). Shape moulded for bottoms with no seam Very tailoired fit which sensually outlines the waist and leg. Full foot bottoms.

  • 82cm long
  • Latex thickness: 0.4mm
  • Comes pre-powdered
  • Close-fitting cut
  • Moulded stockings

Technical specifications:

  • Ref: 560542
  • 100% latex

We recommend the use of specially designed products to care for latex, like the BeGloss products sold on our site. 

Use the Easy Glide gel by BeGloss, to easily put on your latex stockings. 

Latex stockings come pre-powdered so they don't stick or get damaged. Matte finish from the powder will disappear and will give the material its original intensity after application of the BeGloss Perfect Shine gel

Using the BeGloss Special Wash gel, carefully clean your latex clothing with the aim of eliminating all residue on the surface. If you don't have this product, you can use lukewarm soapy water. 

Wipe with a clean and dry towel, in order to absorb the excess water, hang up if necessary so the product is fully dry before storing. 

Before storing your clothing, use the BeGloss Storage Protection gel. Store your latex stockings in a dry and dark place, to ensure their longevity.

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A routine patron of audacity since 2006, Maison Close traces its creative freedom in the intimate universes it likes to encapsulate.
Latex Stockings - Les Fétiches - Red


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